Sunday, December 18, 2011

What it do What it do!

I made a New Year's resolution--started practicing already--to post in my Wishing Thinking of the Urban Mind blog daily.  I'm including posts about my artistic endeavors on it, along with opinions on whatever moves me, sharing pix n poems, interviews, and whatever 2012 brings my way and yours!  So, if you've landed here and don't see much activity, meander over to Wishful Thinking and get hooked!  Have a suggestion for what you'd like to see me write about or share pix of?  Then go ahead tell me....What it do What it do?  And maybe I'll do it...for you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Gonna hang with the WOLPS (Words Out Loud Poets) this weekend in Muskegon.  I'm excited to have a different venue with some fellow Almost Dead Poets Society poets and new peeps to meet, see, & hear.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

pre-V-day Poetry Chill & Thrill

Tonight's the night!  Gonna be some new poets in da house!  I'm rearranging the furniture to open up the space more, so the performing poet can take the podium! 

We've dubbed our group the Almost Dead Poets Society.  We began by reviewing some favorite poets, who happen to be dead.  Some challenges were given, and some fantastic poetry was birthed from these challenges.  The few us who began shy, are gaining momentum with our voices.  Next week we'll take the mic at Red Lotus Gallery (where some of my artwork can be purchased), and from there we will graduate to taking the stage at a W.O.L.P.S (Words Out Loud Poets) open mic event in Muskegon, Michigan.  I attended one of their events recently, and wow, I was blown away by the talent!  The audience support eased my bed nerves, so when I return and delve out one of my spoken word pieces I'm sure they will be gentle with me!

I'm gonna change the paintings in the gallery room and hang all the 3 Passions-painted poetry photographic artworks-that I have completed so far.

Phew!  I better get busy!