Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White, Black and Red HOT!

I've decided that my 1st soiree at The Avant-Garde will have a black and white and red color theme.  I will display art that contains those colors--paintings, drawings, printmaking, and black and white photography.  I have some older works in styles that I no longer work in that will be a bit nostalgic to bring out.  I will offer these works for reduced rates to jump start sales.  The color theme throughout my crib is black and white with silver/brushed nickel/chrome hardware.  With pops of red in the living room/gallery area and 1/2 bathroom.  My bedroom has snaps of hot pink.  The upstairs bathroom has green apple green.  My studio...dunno  yet, it's still in progress.  I'm hoping to get my countertops done in black.  I'm contemplating painting them due to the expense of replacement.  I saw a product called Giani for giving countertops a look of granite.  I really want solid black.  They also have a cool product called liquid stainless steel (follow link then scroll down to look at stove).  I would love to use that on my refrigerator and dishwasher!  It looks cool on the countertops too!

Other items I need to complete this hot spot are rugs and blinds.  I'm hoping to make a trip to IKEA asap!  My in-the-know gorgeous friend and neighbor Anita who is a fabulous Interior Designer recommended some sweeeet roll up natural blinds for me.  I love her taste and agree with her advice!  However, to have them lined adds to the already upscale price.  whaa!  IKEA has some black cotton blinds that aren't nearly as classy I know, but if they look decent in person I might go with them.  Anita's choice $2,000+, IKEA $200 for all windows and slider.  What's a girl to do?  I currently have more expenses than income.  whaaa whaaaa!

For the party...I will ask that guests wear their fashion-conscious choices in Black and White and Red.  I will try to have coordinating munchables too!

White, Black and Red HOT!  This is no April fool over here! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mr. Clean & Ultra Hide

Here's a few TIPS!

Mr. Clean...they chose a muscle man to market their products for a reason! Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are phenomenal! I was tipped off on this product by a woman at the airport who saw my cute pink carry-on luggage all scuffed up. was carry-on size, but on those tiny planes they make you check it as you board the plane and pick it up when you exit the plane. They must have thrown my luggage across the runway, because it was covered with black scuff marks! I thought it was destroyed. :( A women in the restroom took one look at it, and said "Get a Mr. Clean Magic sponge it'll get that all off. Trust me...I've got kids." Enough said. I bought one. My friend Amy advised me not to get the Walgreens brand, so I got the real deal. It worked! My luggage is pretty and pink again! Later, at home I picked up the Target brand Up & Up magic sponges, and though I heart Target, the sponges did not hold up. They fell apart easy, and I was scrubbing extra hard to try to get them to do half the work. So, stick with Mr. Clean...they work! I used them to clean scuff marks off my walls, stairs and cabinets (to avoid painting any more than I need to).

Speaking of paint...Glidden Ultra Hide is the way to go if you are covering another color or want a crisp white with minimal effort. You can buy it at Home Depot. Two coats covered my yellow living room walls. Five coats of a cheaper brand (tried to save a couple bucks ya know) did not cover the pale green/blue in my my kitchen. I don't want to work that hard or that long if I don't have to--do you?!!!!

Happy cleaning and covering!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some things should stay in the Closet!


I painted my closet in my living room/gallery/gathering spot area. I bought some ceiling glitter that I was thinking about putting on the ceiling of my stairway to heaven. wink wink I thought I'd try it out in the closet before I bring it out to the stairway to heaven. wink wink Well, it got a little messy in the closet. It kinda came out in clumps. Or, I just wasn't using the right throwback action with my hand. wink wink It's OK. But, I want the WOW factor! Maybe it's best if I leave this in the closet for now. wink wink

Oh those double entendres! I always seem to bring those out in public! wink wink

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emmanuel's Gift

Last night, I watched the documentary  "Emmanuel's Gift"  narrated by Oprah.  It's about a guy--a hot guy no less!--that was born with a badly deformed leg. He is from Ghana, and living with a disability there is an unimaginable challenge. People there who are born and living with disabilities are abandoned, ridiculed, and discriminated against. They do not receive the medical care they need, and will not be hired by most employers, so their only option is to beg. They do not have wheelchairs and must drag themselves or hop around. I was profoundly humbled.

Emmanuel's father abandoned him and his mother when he was born with this disability. His mother, however, gave Emmanuel the encouragement he needed to rise above his disability and create hope for those around him. The story begins with him riding a bicycle across the country pedaling with one leg to demonstrate to others that having a disability does not limit a person's achievements. As one person in the film states: Emmanuel's goals are not just about today, not about tomorrow, but about the big picture. This summarizes how I feel as well.

I have survived leukemia, a bone marrow transplant, kidney failure and more. I completed two marathons and two century rides with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and to help inspire others. I am humbled as I said by Emmanuel's achievements. I admire him. I would like to do more. I'm not trying to be a star athlete, but I'd like to help brighten the sky for others who struggle. It hasn't quite all come together, but the motivation and determination are within me. That's why my next project is to display my art here at The Avant Garde @ 2434 and give half the proceeds away. I will create a list of causes that I care about, and will include one related to what I observed in this film. I will allow purchasers to choose where they would like to donate 1/2 too, either choosing from the list I provide, or giving me the information on a charity of their choice. Even this doesn't seem like enough for me. But it's another step in the direction that I choose to travel.

thanks for reading

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ima G!

What's to come?

I'm starting this blog because I'm undertaking an exciting project...I'm revamping my condo and turning it into my Gallery/studio/living space/hangout spot reminiscent of artists and writers from the 30s-60s in Paris and NYC...only waaaaay fresher! I can't help but yearn for my own "Playboy mansion" since Hef is my hero! haha But this will be waaaaaaay smaller! Think I might have some parties with girls in kitten costumes though! ;) I'm not talking drugged out/drunk parties, but know the type? Parties with a theme. Parties with a purpose. I intend to donate half of the proceeds from any art sales to charities. I will fill you in more on the details by the day! So Follow Me! Well...not literally, I've had one stalker too many already! But keep reading and watching...I'll tell you more and post some pix of the progress. Then when the parties commence, those left out can lament!

The Avant-Garde @ 2434 is going to be the place to be for Artists, Photographers, Filmmakers, Poets, Writers, Interior Designers, Musicians, & other cool peeps! It will be diverse. It will be friendly. It will make a difference....finally....I hope.