Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mr. Clean & Ultra Hide

Here's a few TIPS!

Mr. Clean...they chose a muscle man to market their products for a reason! Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are phenomenal! I was tipped off on this product by a woman at the airport who saw my cute pink carry-on luggage all scuffed up. Yeah...it was carry-on size, but on those tiny planes they make you check it as you board the plane and pick it up when you exit the plane. They must have thrown my luggage across the runway, because it was covered with black scuff marks! I thought it was destroyed. :( A women in the restroom took one look at it, and said "Get a Mr. Clean Magic sponge it'll get that all off. Trust me...I've got kids." Enough said. I bought one. My friend Amy advised me not to get the Walgreens brand, so I got the real deal. It worked! My luggage is pretty and pink again! Later, at home I picked up the Target brand Up & Up magic sponges, and though I heart Target, the sponges did not hold up. They fell apart easy, and I was scrubbing extra hard to try to get them to do half the work. So, stick with Mr. Clean...they work! I used them to clean scuff marks off my walls, stairs and cabinets (to avoid painting any more than I need to).

Speaking of paint...Glidden Ultra Hide is the way to go if you are covering another color or want a crisp white with minimal effort. You can buy it at Home Depot. Two coats covered my yellow living room walls. Five coats of a cheaper brand (tried to save a couple bucks ya know) did not cover the pale green/blue in my my kitchen. I don't want to work that hard or that long if I don't have to--do you?!!!!

Happy cleaning and covering!

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