Thursday, October 28, 2010

Black, White, Gray & Yes....Yellow!

Here's the new pix of the new look of my boudoir! 
Hmmm who will be my first model on my new black sheets?

Ok, so Penelope was the first model!  But I'm talking human!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canary Song

Recently my sweet little female canary Frida passed away.  I've had canaries for the past 12 years, and used to breed them.  I also have a little parrotlet named Zoabi.  I didn't want Zoabi to be lonely after the loss of his tweet friend, so I considered another canary.  Then I saw Lemon Chiffon at Petsmart and new she was the one!  Only she's not a canary, she's a parakeet!  I've never seen a yellow parakeet before!  And she may not be a she, and Zoabi maybe not be a he, but we don't discriminate around here!

Then, I got in the mood to paint my bedroom, and I wanted one of the walls a sunny, cheerful yellow in honor of Frida.  The first color swatch that drew my eyes closer was called Canary Song, and voila!  this is it folks!  I've always had a blue bedroom since I was a little girl.  I wanted change, and I love it!  I spend a lot of time in my bedroom--especially in the winter.  The white walls with the yellow accent wall makes it feel very happy in here.  In fact, it could also be called Happy Face Yellow!  :)

I bought a duvet cover for my imitation down comforter for the winter, and new sheets & toss pillow.  I will hang a painting tomorrow and get another shot for you to see.

This is my Happy Place!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Calling all Poets & Poetry LOVERS!

Ok ya'all!  I said in the beginning, I want the Avant Garde 2434 to be a gathering spot for artists, musicians, writers and those who take great pleasure in the arts!  Our gloomy winter season is around the corner, and I would like to get that Poetry group started!  We need to have something fun to look forward to--every week?  Bi-weekly?  (I just wanted to say Bi) Whether you want to read or rap your lines, doesn't matter!  Style doesn't matter!  Size does if it's TOO LONG!  haha (well, we can break it down to digestible size!)  Bein' silly here, but on that note...your words can be funny, dramatic, child rhymes, or adult content!  Of course no kiddos allowed for this though.  You can read them, sing them, or give them that slam.  You can read your own poems, or those of your favorite poet.  Free spirits welcome here!

QUESTION?  When's the best meeting time for you?  a weekend evening?

As long as it doesn't coincide with Red Lotus Gallery's Poetry Open Mic Nite!  Not sure of their regular schedule yet, but I believe it will be the 1st Saturday eve of each month.  Red Lotus is new gallery in Muskegon where some of my art is rockin the walls!

I'll make snacks! 

If Only!

I have a quote of my own that fits my day:  "If only the moments were my lifetime, and my lifetime the moments."  By this I mean that I have had a difficult life, but I have had moments of incredible joy and peace that keep making this often wreched life even more magnificent!  Today, I spent a few moments with a Vietnam vet, a ducked taped pipe, a canary yellow wall, and black cat and it felt surreal.  Surreal, because it felt like a dream.  Because I have had some strange dreams lately.  But no...this was real, and I just wish those good moments in our lives lasted longer.  I wish the suffering could be minimal.  Somehow, all that suffering can get covered up by laughter...and how sweet that is!  How grand life can be! 

Bless the vets! & Bless me!  We lived to laugh again!