Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunday Nite Poetry Chill & Thrill!

This was our 1st Poetry Nite @ the Avant Garde 2434!  Met some new people, heard some new voices, got inspired!  I made soup for the 1st one, and Diane made some hot soup for the 2nd one.  Looks like this is gonna be a regular Sunday nite gig!  Yay!

At the last one, we all read a Pablo Neruda poem, and some of us read our own poems inspired by the great poet.  I sent everyone home with a 10-word Vintage Slang poetry challenge.  Next Sunday is gonna be the berries!  :)

When I posted the event on FB I used a photo of Mae West with a quote of hers:  "Ten men waiting for me at the door?  Send one of them home,  I'm tired." haha!  I love her!  I started reading about her, and was fascinated by some of things that I learned about her!  Read this from start to finish, you'll be a fan, if not already:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Black, White, Gray & Yes....Yellow!

Here's the new pix of the new look of my boudoir! 
Hmmm who will be my first model on my new black sheets?

Ok, so Penelope was the first model!  But I'm talking human!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canary Song

Recently my sweet little female canary Frida passed away.  I've had canaries for the past 12 years, and used to breed them.  I also have a little parrotlet named Zoabi.  I didn't want Zoabi to be lonely after the loss of his tweet friend, so I considered another canary.  Then I saw Lemon Chiffon at Petsmart and new she was the one!  Only she's not a canary, she's a parakeet!  I've never seen a yellow parakeet before!  And she may not be a she, and Zoabi maybe not be a he, but we don't discriminate around here!

Then, I got in the mood to paint my bedroom, and I wanted one of the walls a sunny, cheerful yellow in honor of Frida.  The first color swatch that drew my eyes closer was called Canary Song, and voila!  this is it folks!  I've always had a blue bedroom since I was a little girl.  I wanted change, and I love it!  I spend a lot of time in my bedroom--especially in the winter.  The white walls with the yellow accent wall makes it feel very happy in here.  In fact, it could also be called Happy Face Yellow!  :)

I bought a duvet cover for my imitation down comforter for the winter, and new sheets & toss pillow.  I will hang a painting tomorrow and get another shot for you to see.

This is my Happy Place!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Calling all Poets & Poetry LOVERS!

Ok ya'all!  I said in the beginning, I want the Avant Garde 2434 to be a gathering spot for artists, musicians, writers and those who take great pleasure in the arts!  Our gloomy winter season is around the corner, and I would like to get that Poetry group started!  We need to have something fun to look forward to--every week?  Bi-weekly?  (I just wanted to say Bi) Whether you want to read or rap your lines, doesn't matter!  Style doesn't matter!  Size does if it's TOO LONG!  haha (well, we can break it down to digestible size!)  Bein' silly here, but on that note...your words can be funny, dramatic, child rhymes, or adult content!  Of course no kiddos allowed for this though.  You can read them, sing them, or give them that slam.  You can read your own poems, or those of your favorite poet.  Free spirits welcome here!

QUESTION?  When's the best meeting time for you?  a weekend evening?

As long as it doesn't coincide with Red Lotus Gallery's Poetry Open Mic Nite!  Not sure of their regular schedule yet, but I believe it will be the 1st Saturday eve of each month.  Red Lotus is new gallery in Muskegon where some of my art is rockin the walls!

I'll make snacks! 

If Only!

I have a quote of my own that fits my day:  "If only the moments were my lifetime, and my lifetime the moments."  By this I mean that I have had a difficult life, but I have had moments of incredible joy and peace that keep making this often wreched life even more magnificent!  Today, I spent a few moments with a Vietnam vet, a ducked taped pipe, a canary yellow wall, and black cat and it felt surreal.  Surreal, because it felt like a dream.  Because I have had some strange dreams lately.  But no...this was real, and I just wish those good moments in our lives lasted longer.  I wish the suffering could be minimal.  Somehow, all that suffering can get covered up by laughter...and how sweet that is!  How grand life can be! 

Bless the vets! & Bless me!  We lived to laugh again!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help me help others! Vote for my book!

 Please vote for my book "In the Bedroom" in the Photography Book Now competition!  You can view the entire book online!  Support Diversity!  Click on the Ribbon below to see my book & vote!


Vote for my Book in the Photography Book Now competition.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plastic Sleeves

I'm getting all my printmaking pieces, some oil paintings on paper/canvas paper, and a handful of photos ready for my party on Monday.  When I first googled "plastic sleeves for artwork", some plastic sleeves--literally as in wear on your arms!--came up.  Geez.  Then I notice you can either buy in bulk of 100-1000 per size, or a high price at other sites for smaller quantities.  bah.  I ended up getting some through a photo place I do business with, but didn't realize until I began to put the artwork into the sleeves last night they are exactly the size stated--NOT like sleeves I've previously purchased where there is a wee bit of space to easily slide the artwork into them, including a backing, and with extra length to flap over and seal.  So, I can't fit a 4x6 into a 4x6 sleeve, nor can I fit a 24x36 artwork into a 24x36 sleeve.  Phooey!  So, I'm just making due with placing the pieces that were non-traditional sizes into the sleeves that will work for them.  

I've had a difficult time as well finding some sort of flip-file to showcase these unframed artworks.  I tried looking for open-ended magazine racks, turning stools upside down, etc.  No luck.  My florist friend  Mari Ignatoski of Ginko Studios loaned me a couple wire racks and offered some other display suggestions.  She's clever with design elements.  In fact, she recently won the Art in Bloom contest at Grand Rapids Art Museum!  Congratulations Mari!!!!!

Ok, gotta get back to the plastic.  ho hum

la reconstruction de la femme

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

French Room

Love, Love, Love my French Room!!!!!  

I call my patio the French Room because it feels nostalgic.  I am reminded of my French mother & grandmother who both loved to plant flowers...I gained my appreciation for flowers through them, and how to create a space of peace and tranquility.  The bistro tables make it feel more quaint! 

I LOVE the SUMMER!  It feels so good to be able to sit outside, look at and smell the flowers, and watch the hummingbirds!  I used a product by Behr to seal/weatherproof my deck after my neighbor power washed it, it has a natural tint to it.  Doesn't it look great!  I hope the weather stays good for my party on Memorial Day so that people can linger outside!  Later in the summer the arbor over the bench will be filled with flowers--I'm hoping Moonflowers!--but there will at least be Morning Glories!  Lots of herbs for people to chew on, smell, and cook with!  Edible flowers too!  The herbs I have are:  Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, French lavender, and Chocolate Mint!  < Mickey has taken a few nibbles of that! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's Get this Party Started!!!!

Whoot!  Whoot!  Let the party begin!  I have most everything accomplished around here!  All the lights are up!  The art is hung!  Well hung!  LOL  I have a theme of primarily White, Black & Red artworks for this first viewing.  There is a mix of paintings, photography (B&W film photography printed in a darkroom, and color photography etched into aluminum).  The old and the new!!!!  This collection really shows how I have evolved as an artist.  You can see styles I no longer create it, and also my most recent creations!  I'm excited to hear your opinions, thoughts, and emotions that are stirred when you view my art.  As mentioned prior...if you buy any of my art a large portion will be donated to charity!  I have a list of some of the charities dearest to my heart, but you have the option of selecting any that you care about as long as you can provide the needed information to me--where to send the check!  50% of paintings and other artworks will be donated, 25% of photography (because of 3rd party expenses involved, so I can keep the price reasonable for you).

This space is not simply for sales.  It's a mingling spot.  Where people of different ages, cultures and other identities can hangout together and share common interests and get exposed to new things!  As time goes on, I hope to hold fundraisers here, but also events such as poetry readings.  Any suggestions?  Let a girl know!

The first soiree will take place on Memorial Day!  Wear White, Black & Red if you're coming!

I still have to patch my ceiling where that copper hood came down.  I still need to shrink wrap my printmaking artworks.  Other than that...good to go! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

deck the patio :)

Dang, I've been busy.  Motivated--as my friend Amy said today.  "Well, of course I'm practically jobless as you know, so it keeps my mind and hands busy!"  Yesterday, I got my deck sealed.  Took about the whole day to get it completed.  It looks great!  Have had a little handy helper around too, who took down the copper hood in my kitchen!  Woohoo!  Nice, open feeling in there now.  Will probably hang a light to replace the hood, unless my helper quits on me, in which case I will just patch up the ceiling and call it done....hmmm, a play on words, just like with my poetry.   hmmm....

I can take it or leave it.  I'll be okay either way.

yo no se manana

Monday, May 10, 2010

UNDY 5000!

April 24, 2010 was the first UNDY 5000 nearby my place in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This 5K run took place to raise $ and awareness for colon cancer.  I went to support my friend Michelle, take pix of people in their underwear (sounded fun!), and quite frankly just to get my dose of "feel goodness" to witness people doing something to help others.  The people at this event made me smile, laugh, and cry happy tears for their good hearts and determination!  The guy who was twirling his shirt toward the finish really moved me!!!!  Hurray for him!  and ALL who crossed that Finish line!

There are a lot of images in this slide show, BUTT you might see someone you know!  and you will at least CRACK a smile!!!!!  Go ahead!  Watch!

UNDY 5000 slide show!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Let there be Light!

Girl Power!  Nicole took care of the electrical current!  The track is up with lights!  Next, we hang art!  whoot whoot!  Soon the Avant Garde @ 2434 will be ready for the parties to begin!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Put in a days work with Nicole screwin anchors, screwin screws, screwin my wall up, goin to Lowes to get more anchors and screws, cuz much of what we had got screwed up, and when the fine Lowes employee asked us if we were doin okay I said "oh we are just screwin with screws", and back to my abode we came to fuss with more screwed up elements, and Nicole said "your wall is screwed", but we got the tracks up on the big wall and said "screw the rest 'til tomorrow".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lights! Camera! Action?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Got my 3 strips of 3 lights up with the help of Nicole to lengthen the cords!  GIRL POWER!  Electrical power!  Next we will tackle the long gallery system track with lighting for the large wall where the majority of artwork will hang.

What else has been going on?  Painted the cabinet in my 1/2 bath.  Little product info for you...I bought KILZ oderless, because I thought the original KILZ might cover better than the water based formula, however, I was concerned about the fumes, so I went with the odorless.  The so-called odorless is not odorless...it smells like stinky feet!!!  It's also quite runny, so it drips and takes several coats to cover.

A good neighbor power washed my deck.  I used a product by Behr to remove some of the green slime still left behind.  When the weather warms up a little I will put a sealer on it.  Nicole does metal work, including garden art.  I will be displaying some of her art here.  I met Nicole when she owned a gallery in East Town called Inspired Creations, and I sold some of my art in her gallery.  The economy is tough on people at the lower end of the food chain.  The gallery was forced to close after just one year.  :( 


I'm done.

Challenge, Growth, Recovery, Reincarnation

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


What's in a name?  makes you wonder.  The first painting of this group has been a challenge and is on my nerves!  I added more paint, but it still doesn't look/feel right, and maybe it won't until someone else connects with it.  I had that happen with a Big Wood I painted a while back titled "keeping me in the dark".  I painted that on the balcony of my former apartment at Aspen Lakes on Knapp, which overlooked the large pond.  I painted in the dark!  The next day when I looked at it, I thought "eek!"  It looked like Freddy Kruger had ran his claws across it!  It looked a bit dark and creepy to me.  I thought for sure I was going to add more paint and cheer it up some.  Then friends came over and loved it "as is", so I left it at their suggestion.  Later, one of my customers from Clipperz (where I used to work and display my art), saw it on my website and wanted to see it in person.  She loved it!  But it gets better...I learned from her that her wedding reception was held at Aspen Lake Apartments, and that later she found out that the man she married was gay--so he was keeping her in the dark!  See...things happen for a reason.  And that painting, though I didn't know it as I was creating it, was made for her.  I love it when these types of connections transpire.

So...Challenge.  Hmmm...Are we there yet?

< Keeping Me in the Dark

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Challenge, Growth, Recovery, Reincarnation

Now that I have my studio room cleaned up, I pulled out 4 paintings I began last fall during my radiation treatments.  I worked on them yesterday and today.  I believe I'm finished with the second one "Growth".  The one titled "Challenge" has been a challenge, because it's a wacked out color palette I'm using.  But, it represents stress, so it's meant to be and appear a bit stressed.  I'm not sure how I'll complete it or the other two.  I'll look at them again tomorrow and apply more paint.  :)

I'm going to be displaying/selling my paintings at Eastern Floral @ 818 Butterworth St SW, Grand Rapids, MI.  50% of all sales will be donated to charity!  My good friend Amy McKay set up this arrangement for me, because she works there.  They renovated an old warehouse and it's a very cool atmosphere with lots of wall space perfect for my large abstract paintings!  

I don't know if I'll keep the white, black & red theme for my first party here or not, since a few of the pieces I was going to include here for that will now be going to Eastern Floral.  I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

French Room

Spring has sprung and I love it!  I love the sights, the blossoming trees, the smells, the pinks, the white, the green.  Ahhhh mother nature has rewarded us after a gloomy winter!

I planted some pansies in the containers out on my French Room (patio).  I'm eager to move the pots that have been inside all winter back outside.  I planted some seeds--hope the moonflowers grow this year!  They are my absolute favorite!  Their beautiful, large, white flowers open in the evening and have the most delicate, sweet aroma that soothes my senses!  I hope to display some art out there this summer too when the parties begin.

I have mood lighting along the old barn wood patio fence.  On a comfortably warm night it's a nice place to sit back, smoke a cigar, and allow life's worries to dissipate. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colette's Boudoir

I'm so exhausted right now I can't think straight.  I'm doing most of this renovating myself, and I just need someone to lay my head on!  whaa!

1777, "room where a lady may retire to be alone," from Fr. boudoir (18c.), lit. "pouting room," from bouder "to pout, sulk," 

Okay, with that out of the way....

For my bedroom...I  was content with how open and non-cluttered it was.  I didn't want to add any elements that would take away my feng shui.  However, I did want to bring my computer into my bedroom.  I gave away the big, heavy TV that was on my dresser (I don't have cable anyway). I gave away the huge desk and big chair that was in my studio room.  I moved my bed.  I picked up a small desk and how-cute-it-coordinates-hot-pink-chair from Staples.  I brought my iMac into my boudoir, where I can get online before I cozy up with my kitties and go to bed, or watch something on my Netflix instant queue!  Luvs it!  Even when I'm working on my photography on my Mac I can gaze out the window periodically...I love this tree house room with a bird's eye view!  It's my fav spot in my crib!

Oh, and the black out blinds I bought at IKEA...they do keep that morning sun from piercing in too early, but darn it...Mickey Lou STILL wakes me up before the sun even comes up!  These blinds will make a nice backdrop for portraits too.  :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kitchen/dining area

One of the first things I did when I made the decision to turn my living room into a gallery, was to move my large bookshelves into the kitchen/dining area.  I moved the kitchen table into the living room... non-traditional, I know, but I'm not all that traditional myself.  I purchased some hip, inexpensive, white chairs at Target.  Also, a couple black box ottomans that can be used as a foot rest, or with a tray on top  to set drinks.  They open, and I have blankets stored in them.  This is Michigan, and I'm cold if it's under 70!  JD & Emily came over to hang blinds.  We ate pizza and lost motivation that night.  They each got one up, and I finished the other three on another day.  The copper hood looks like it's going to suck JD up into its vortex!  I kind of want to get rid of it as Anita suggested, so that this small space appears more open.  I looked online today at prices for copper hoods--they sell for $1,700 - $3,000+ new.  I'm not sure where or how I'd go about selling it.  I know copper can be sold as scrap too to a recycling facility.  Otherwise, I need to paint the top edge, and get a grid for the bottom opening (to prevent friends from getting sucked up into its vortex!). Oh, and those ugly countertops need help!

I wanted to take JDs pic while he was sitting in one of the white chairs, cuz the lighting looked so cool, but he got shy.  pooey.  Tonight, Lil P posed.  :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paint & more paint

Lemme tell u dear peeps...painting walls white is sho not fun.  Sho nuff not the same sensation I get when I paint my colorful abstracts!  But, if I want the art to POP, then the walls and surroundings need to be feng shui'd and simplified.  Each time I think I'm done, I look around and "Oh...sigh..." I see another area that needs some fresh paint, like the back side of a door.  blah

Later, JD is coming over to help me hang the blinds I bought at IKEA.  I'm gonna pick up some Happy's Pizza!  The guy who stands on the corner and sings & dances as he holds the Happy's Pizza specials sign always makes me smile.  I have mad respect for peeps who are willing to do that kind of work.  In this guy's case, he truly is accomplishing more than attracting people to the business and earning a paycheck...he helps my psyche....for real!

JD had a dream that we hung the blinds and I suggested painting a thin black line around the outer edge of the windows where the blinds extent to.  So, when the blinds are down you don't see the line, but when up, there is a black border.  INTERESTING!  I am coming up with ideas even in someone else's dreams!  haha!  Crazy how dreams and our 6th sense operate.   I was thinking recently about painting some thin white lines on something black--like pin stripes--like a Zoot suit like I always wanted!  Intriguing how we can telepathically connect with someone else too--isn't it?  Anyway...cool idea...not sure if I'll do it.  I don't want to overdo my space.  I greatly appreciate minimalism, but it's difficult for me to be minimalistic.  I dunno.  We'll see.  And you'll see...when I get some pix up of the progress!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Made the trip to IKEA in Canton, MI on Monday with my good friend JD.  Nice sunny day for a drive, good company...even good food this time at IKEA!

I  bought blackout roller blinds, black shelves, and storage boxes to get my studio room organized.  Also, some hardware--knobs & handles for cheap cabinets.  You can make changes to your place cheaply by simply painting or changing the hardware on cabinets.  IKEA is great for those on a budget, and those working with small spaces.  I am trying to make the most of what I have here.

I need a little help getting some of the projects done.  Today, I'll just try to get my studio room cleaned up. 

Monday, April 5, 2010


Sometimes it pays to be more or less jobless!  With my extra time, I finally got to update my website!
Tell me what you think!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ubuntu Institute

I saw Prince Cedza Dlamini speak at Fountain Street Church and care deeply about the programs he has developed to create meaningful changes for people.  Established in 2005, by United Nations’ advocate, Prince Cedza Dlamini, the Ubuntu Institute is an international non-profit development organisation. "Our aim is to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals, a range of ambitious development targets including halving extreme poverty and halting the spread of HIV/AIDS." Read more about the programs through the above link.  You can learn more about Prince Cedza Dlamini by clicking this link.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Art with a Heart! Charities I care about

I have been workin like feen on my website.  It hasn't been radically updated for over 3 years.  I'm close to having it complete.  Now, people will be able to purchase directly through the website using Pay Pal.  Also, the program I'm using makes it easier to add Meta Tags/Keywords to help my website pop up in more searches.  As intended at The Avant-Garde @ 2434 where I will showcase my art and host fundraising benefits, I am giving 50% of the sale price online to charities as well.  I've started a list of charities for people to select from, or they can select a charity of their choice and supply me with the necessary information.

Here's a few I care about:

World Wildlife Fund
protect our environment, plants and animals

take a stand against animal cruelty

Humane Society
prevent animal cruelty and neglect

Mel Trotter Ministries
help the hungry, hurting and homeless in West Michigan

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. *I'm a survivor!

Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Make a difference in the fight against breast cancer! *I'm a survivor!

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Cure type 1 diabetes and its complications

Save the Children
Create positive change for children in the USA and around the world including Darfur & Haiti

stop violence again women and girls in the USA and around the world

Matthew Shepard Foundation
Replace hate with understanding, compassion and acceptance

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the Bedroom

I have a lot of cool art books to look at over here, and this one I created!  Oh there will be a lot of great photos being taken here this summer!!!!!  A new book might be in the works!


          In the Bedroom by Colette | BOOK INFO

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White, Black and Red HOT!

I've decided that my 1st soiree at The Avant-Garde will have a black and white and red color theme.  I will display art that contains those colors--paintings, drawings, printmaking, and black and white photography.  I have some older works in styles that I no longer work in that will be a bit nostalgic to bring out.  I will offer these works for reduced rates to jump start sales.  The color theme throughout my crib is black and white with silver/brushed nickel/chrome hardware.  With pops of red in the living room/gallery area and 1/2 bathroom.  My bedroom has snaps of hot pink.  The upstairs bathroom has green apple green.  My studio...dunno  yet, it's still in progress.  I'm hoping to get my countertops done in black.  I'm contemplating painting them due to the expense of replacement.  I saw a product called Giani for giving countertops a look of granite.  I really want solid black.  They also have a cool product called liquid stainless steel (follow link then scroll down to look at stove).  I would love to use that on my refrigerator and dishwasher!  It looks cool on the countertops too!

Other items I need to complete this hot spot are rugs and blinds.  I'm hoping to make a trip to IKEA asap!  My in-the-know gorgeous friend and neighbor Anita who is a fabulous Interior Designer recommended some sweeeet roll up natural blinds for me.  I love her taste and agree with her advice!  However, to have them lined adds to the already upscale price.  whaa!  IKEA has some black cotton blinds that aren't nearly as classy I know, but if they look decent in person I might go with them.  Anita's choice $2,000+, IKEA $200 for all windows and slider.  What's a girl to do?  I currently have more expenses than income.  whaaa whaaaa!

For the party...I will ask that guests wear their fashion-conscious choices in Black and White and Red.  I will try to have coordinating munchables too!

White, Black and Red HOT!  This is no April fool over here! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mr. Clean & Ultra Hide

Here's a few TIPS!

Mr. Clean...they chose a muscle man to market their products for a reason! Those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are phenomenal! I was tipped off on this product by a woman at the airport who saw my cute pink carry-on luggage all scuffed up. Yeah...it was carry-on size, but on those tiny planes they make you check it as you board the plane and pick it up when you exit the plane. They must have thrown my luggage across the runway, because it was covered with black scuff marks! I thought it was destroyed. :( A women in the restroom took one look at it, and said "Get a Mr. Clean Magic sponge it'll get that all off. Trust me...I've got kids." Enough said. I bought one. My friend Amy advised me not to get the Walgreens brand, so I got the real deal. It worked! My luggage is pretty and pink again! Later, at home I picked up the Target brand Up & Up magic sponges, and though I heart Target, the sponges did not hold up. They fell apart easy, and I was scrubbing extra hard to try to get them to do half the work. So, stick with Mr. Clean...they work! I used them to clean scuff marks off my walls, stairs and cabinets (to avoid painting any more than I need to).

Speaking of paint...Glidden Ultra Hide is the way to go if you are covering another color or want a crisp white with minimal effort. You can buy it at Home Depot. Two coats covered my yellow living room walls. Five coats of a cheaper brand (tried to save a couple bucks ya know) did not cover the pale green/blue in my my kitchen. I don't want to work that hard or that long if I don't have to--do you?!!!!

Happy cleaning and covering!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some things should stay in the Closet!


I painted my closet in my living room/gallery/gathering spot area. I bought some ceiling glitter that I was thinking about putting on the ceiling of my stairway to heaven. wink wink I thought I'd try it out in the closet before I bring it out to the stairway to heaven. wink wink Well, it got a little messy in the closet. It kinda came out in clumps. Or, I just wasn't using the right throwback action with my hand. wink wink It's OK. But, I want the WOW factor! Maybe it's best if I leave this in the closet for now. wink wink

Oh those double entendres! I always seem to bring those out in public! wink wink

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emmanuel's Gift

Last night, I watched the documentary  "Emmanuel's Gift"  narrated by Oprah.  It's about a guy--a hot guy no less!--that was born with a badly deformed leg. He is from Ghana, and living with a disability there is an unimaginable challenge. People there who are born and living with disabilities are abandoned, ridiculed, and discriminated against. They do not receive the medical care they need, and will not be hired by most employers, so their only option is to beg. They do not have wheelchairs and must drag themselves or hop around. I was profoundly humbled.

Emmanuel's father abandoned him and his mother when he was born with this disability. His mother, however, gave Emmanuel the encouragement he needed to rise above his disability and create hope for those around him. The story begins with him riding a bicycle across the country pedaling with one leg to demonstrate to others that having a disability does not limit a person's achievements. As one person in the film states: Emmanuel's goals are not just about today, not about tomorrow, but about the big picture. This summarizes how I feel as well.

I have survived leukemia, a bone marrow transplant, kidney failure and more. I completed two marathons and two century rides with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and to help inspire others. I am humbled as I said by Emmanuel's achievements. I admire him. I would like to do more. I'm not trying to be a star athlete, but I'd like to help brighten the sky for others who struggle. It hasn't quite all come together, but the motivation and determination are within me. That's why my next project is to display my art here at The Avant Garde @ 2434 and give half the proceeds away. I will create a list of causes that I care about, and will include one related to what I observed in this film. I will allow purchasers to choose where they would like to donate 1/2 too, either choosing from the list I provide, or giving me the information on a charity of their choice. Even this doesn't seem like enough for me. But it's another step in the direction that I choose to travel.

thanks for reading

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ima G!

What's to come?

I'm starting this blog because I'm undertaking an exciting project...I'm revamping my condo and turning it into my Gallery/studio/living space/hangout spot reminiscent of artists and writers from the 30s-60s in Paris and NYC...only waaaaay fresher! I can't help but yearn for my own "Playboy mansion" since Hef is my hero! haha But this will be waaaaaaay smaller! Think I might have some parties with girls in kitten costumes though! ;) I'm not talking drugged out/drunk parties, but soirees...you know the type? Parties with a theme. Parties with a purpose. I intend to donate half of the proceeds from any art sales to charities. I will fill you in more on the details by the day! So Follow Me! Well...not literally, I've had one stalker too many already! But keep reading and watching...I'll tell you more and post some pix of the progress. Then when the parties commence, those left out can lament!

The Avant-Garde @ 2434 is going to be the place to be for Artists, Photographers, Filmmakers, Poets, Writers, Interior Designers, Musicians, & other cool peeps! It will be diverse. It will be friendly. It will make a difference....finally....I hope.