Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paint & more paint

Lemme tell u dear peeps...painting walls white is sho not fun.  Sho nuff not the same sensation I get when I paint my colorful abstracts!  But, if I want the art to POP, then the walls and surroundings need to be feng shui'd and simplified.  Each time I think I'm done, I look around and "Oh...sigh..." I see another area that needs some fresh paint, like the back side of a door.  blah

Later, JD is coming over to help me hang the blinds I bought at IKEA.  I'm gonna pick up some Happy's Pizza!  The guy who stands on the corner and sings & dances as he holds the Happy's Pizza specials sign always makes me smile.  I have mad respect for peeps who are willing to do that kind of work.  In this guy's case, he truly is accomplishing more than attracting people to the business and earning a paycheck...he helps my psyche....for real!

JD had a dream that we hung the blinds and I suggested painting a thin black line around the outer edge of the windows where the blinds extent to.  So, when the blinds are down you don't see the line, but when up, there is a black border.  INTERESTING!  I am coming up with ideas even in someone else's dreams!  haha!  Crazy how dreams and our 6th sense operate.   I was thinking recently about painting some thin white lines on something black--like pin stripes--like a Zoot suit like I always wanted!  Intriguing how we can telepathically connect with someone else too--isn't it? idea...not sure if I'll do it.  I don't want to overdo my space.  I greatly appreciate minimalism, but it's difficult for me to be minimalistic.  I dunno.  We'll see.  And you'll see...when I get some pix up of the progress!

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