Thursday, April 22, 2010

French Room

Spring has sprung and I love it!  I love the sights, the blossoming trees, the smells, the pinks, the white, the green.  Ahhhh mother nature has rewarded us after a gloomy winter!

I planted some pansies in the containers out on my French Room (patio).  I'm eager to move the pots that have been inside all winter back outside.  I planted some seeds--hope the moonflowers grow this year!  They are my absolute favorite!  Their beautiful, large, white flowers open in the evening and have the most delicate, sweet aroma that soothes my senses!  I hope to display some art out there this summer too when the parties begin.

I have mood lighting along the old barn wood patio fence.  On a comfortably warm night it's a nice place to sit back, smoke a cigar, and allow life's worries to dissipate. 

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