Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plastic Sleeves

I'm getting all my printmaking pieces, some oil paintings on paper/canvas paper, and a handful of photos ready for my party on Monday.  When I first googled "plastic sleeves for artwork", some plastic sleeves--literally as in wear on your arms!--came up.  Geez.  Then I notice you can either buy in bulk of 100-1000 per size, or a high price at other sites for smaller quantities.  bah.  I ended up getting some through a photo place I do business with, but didn't realize until I began to put the artwork into the sleeves last night they are exactly the size stated--NOT like sleeves I've previously purchased where there is a wee bit of space to easily slide the artwork into them, including a backing, and with extra length to flap over and seal.  So, I can't fit a 4x6 into a 4x6 sleeve, nor can I fit a 24x36 artwork into a 24x36 sleeve.  Phooey!  So, I'm just making due with placing the pieces that were non-traditional sizes into the sleeves that will work for them.  

I've had a difficult time as well finding some sort of flip-file to showcase these unframed artworks.  I tried looking for open-ended magazine racks, turning stools upside down, etc.  No luck.  My florist friend  Mari Ignatoski of Ginko Studios loaned me a couple wire racks and offered some other display suggestions.  She's clever with design elements.  In fact, she recently won the Art in Bloom contest at Grand Rapids Art Museum!  Congratulations Mari!!!!!

Ok, gotta get back to the plastic.  ho hum

la reconstruction de la femme

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

French Room

Love, Love, Love my French Room!!!!!  

I call my patio the French Room because it feels nostalgic.  I am reminded of my French mother & grandmother who both loved to plant flowers...I gained my appreciation for flowers through them, and how to create a space of peace and tranquility.  The bistro tables make it feel more quaint! 

I LOVE the SUMMER!  It feels so good to be able to sit outside, look at and smell the flowers, and watch the hummingbirds!  I used a product by Behr to seal/weatherproof my deck after my neighbor power washed it, it has a natural tint to it.  Doesn't it look great!  I hope the weather stays good for my party on Memorial Day so that people can linger outside!  Later in the summer the arbor over the bench will be filled with flowers--I'm hoping Moonflowers!--but there will at least be Morning Glories!  Lots of herbs for people to chew on, smell, and cook with!  Edible flowers too!  The herbs I have are:  Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, French lavender, and Chocolate Mint!  < Mickey has taken a few nibbles of that! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's Get this Party Started!!!!

Whoot!  Whoot!  Let the party begin!  I have most everything accomplished around here!  All the lights are up!  The art is hung!  Well hung!  LOL  I have a theme of primarily White, Black & Red artworks for this first viewing.  There is a mix of paintings, photography (B&W film photography printed in a darkroom, and color photography etched into aluminum).  The old and the new!!!!  This collection really shows how I have evolved as an artist.  You can see styles I no longer create it, and also my most recent creations!  I'm excited to hear your opinions, thoughts, and emotions that are stirred when you view my art.  As mentioned prior...if you buy any of my art a large portion will be donated to charity!  I have a list of some of the charities dearest to my heart, but you have the option of selecting any that you care about as long as you can provide the needed information to me--where to send the check!  50% of paintings and other artworks will be donated, 25% of photography (because of 3rd party expenses involved, so I can keep the price reasonable for you).

This space is not simply for sales.  It's a mingling spot.  Where people of different ages, cultures and other identities can hangout together and share common interests and get exposed to new things!  As time goes on, I hope to hold fundraisers here, but also events such as poetry readings.  Any suggestions?  Let a girl know!

The first soiree will take place on Memorial Day!  Wear White, Black & Red if you're coming!

I still have to patch my ceiling where that copper hood came down.  I still need to shrink wrap my printmaking artworks.  Other than that...good to go! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

deck the patio :)

Dang, I've been busy.  Motivated--as my friend Amy said today.  "Well, of course I'm practically jobless as you know, so it keeps my mind and hands busy!"  Yesterday, I got my deck sealed.  Took about the whole day to get it completed.  It looks great!  Have had a little handy helper around too, who took down the copper hood in my kitchen!  Woohoo!  Nice, open feeling in there now.  Will probably hang a light to replace the hood, unless my helper quits on me, in which case I will just patch up the ceiling and call it done....hmmm, a play on words, just like with my poetry.   hmmm....

I can take it or leave it.  I'll be okay either way.

yo no se manana

Monday, May 10, 2010

UNDY 5000!

April 24, 2010 was the first UNDY 5000 nearby my place in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This 5K run took place to raise $ and awareness for colon cancer.  I went to support my friend Michelle, take pix of people in their underwear (sounded fun!), and quite frankly just to get my dose of "feel goodness" to witness people doing something to help others.  The people at this event made me smile, laugh, and cry happy tears for their good hearts and determination!  The guy who was twirling his shirt toward the finish really moved me!!!!  Hurray for him!  and ALL who crossed that Finish line!

There are a lot of images in this slide show, BUTT you might see someone you know!  and you will at least CRACK a smile!!!!!  Go ahead!  Watch!

UNDY 5000 slide show!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Let there be Light!

Girl Power!  Nicole took care of the electrical current!  The track is up with lights!  Next, we hang art!  whoot whoot!  Soon the Avant Garde @ 2434 will be ready for the parties to begin!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Put in a days work with Nicole screwin anchors, screwin screws, screwin my wall up, goin to Lowes to get more anchors and screws, cuz much of what we had got screwed up, and when the fine Lowes employee asked us if we were doin okay I said "oh we are just screwin with screws", and back to my abode we came to fuss with more screwed up elements, and Nicole said "your wall is screwed", but we got the tracks up on the big wall and said "screw the rest 'til tomorrow".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lights! Camera! Action?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Got my 3 strips of 3 lights up with the help of Nicole to lengthen the cords!  GIRL POWER!  Electrical power!  Next we will tackle the long gallery system track with lighting for the large wall where the majority of artwork will hang.

What else has been going on?  Painted the cabinet in my 1/2 bath.  Little product info for you...I bought KILZ oderless, because I thought the original KILZ might cover better than the water based formula, however, I was concerned about the fumes, so I went with the odorless.  The so-called odorless is not smells like stinky feet!!!  It's also quite runny, so it drips and takes several coats to cover.

A good neighbor power washed my deck.  I used a product by Behr to remove some of the green slime still left behind.  When the weather warms up a little I will put a sealer on it.  Nicole does metal work, including garden art.  I will be displaying some of her art here.  I met Nicole when she owned a gallery in East Town called Inspired Creations, and I sold some of my art in her gallery.  The economy is tough on people at the lower end of the food chain.  The gallery was forced to close after just one year.  :( 


I'm done.

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