Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plastic Sleeves

I'm getting all my printmaking pieces, some oil paintings on paper/canvas paper, and a handful of photos ready for my party on Monday.  When I first googled "plastic sleeves for artwork", some plastic sleeves--literally as in wear on your arms!--came up.  Geez.  Then I notice you can either buy in bulk of 100-1000 per size, or a high price at other sites for smaller quantities.  bah.  I ended up getting some through a photo place I do business with, but didn't realize until I began to put the artwork into the sleeves last night they are exactly the size stated--NOT like sleeves I've previously purchased where there is a wee bit of space to easily slide the artwork into them, including a backing, and with extra length to flap over and seal.  So, I can't fit a 4x6 into a 4x6 sleeve, nor can I fit a 24x36 artwork into a 24x36 sleeve.  Phooey!  So, I'm just making due with placing the pieces that were non-traditional sizes into the sleeves that will work for them.  

I've had a difficult time as well finding some sort of flip-file to showcase these unframed artworks.  I tried looking for open-ended magazine racks, turning stools upside down, etc.  No luck.  My florist friend  Mari Ignatoski of Ginko Studios loaned me a couple wire racks and offered some other display suggestions.  She's clever with design elements.  In fact, she recently won the Art in Bloom contest at Grand Rapids Art Museum!  Congratulations Mari!!!!!

Ok, gotta get back to the plastic.  ho hum

la reconstruction de la femme

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