Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lights! Camera! Action?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Got my 3 strips of 3 lights up with the help of Nicole to lengthen the cords!  GIRL POWER!  Electrical power!  Next we will tackle the long gallery system track with lighting for the large wall where the majority of artwork will hang.

What else has been going on?  Painted the cabinet in my 1/2 bath.  Little product info for you...I bought KILZ oderless, because I thought the original KILZ might cover better than the water based formula, however, I was concerned about the fumes, so I went with the odorless.  The so-called odorless is not smells like stinky feet!!!  It's also quite runny, so it drips and takes several coats to cover.

A good neighbor power washed my deck.  I used a product by Behr to remove some of the green slime still left behind.  When the weather warms up a little I will put a sealer on it.  Nicole does metal work, including garden art.  I will be displaying some of her art here.  I met Nicole when she owned a gallery in East Town called Inspired Creations, and I sold some of my art in her gallery.  The economy is tough on people at the lower end of the food chain.  The gallery was forced to close after just one year.  :( 


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