Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's Get this Party Started!!!!

Whoot!  Whoot!  Let the party begin!  I have most everything accomplished around here!  All the lights are up!  The art is hung!  Well hung!  LOL  I have a theme of primarily White, Black & Red artworks for this first viewing.  There is a mix of paintings, photography (B&W film photography printed in a darkroom, and color photography etched into aluminum).  The old and the new!!!!  This collection really shows how I have evolved as an artist.  You can see styles I no longer create it, and also my most recent creations!  I'm excited to hear your opinions, thoughts, and emotions that are stirred when you view my art.  As mentioned prior...if you buy any of my art a large portion will be donated to charity!  I have a list of some of the charities dearest to my heart, but you have the option of selecting any that you care about as long as you can provide the needed information to me--where to send the check!  50% of paintings and other artworks will be donated, 25% of photography (because of 3rd party expenses involved, so I can keep the price reasonable for you).

This space is not simply for sales.  It's a mingling spot.  Where people of different ages, cultures and other identities can hangout together and share common interests and get exposed to new things!  As time goes on, I hope to hold fundraisers here, but also events such as poetry readings.  Any suggestions?  Let a girl know!

The first soiree will take place on Memorial Day!  Wear White, Black & Red if you're coming!

I still have to patch my ceiling where that copper hood came down.  I still need to shrink wrap my printmaking artworks.  Other than that...good to go! 

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  1. it already looks so different! guess i need to snap some shots of the new art on the wall!