Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kitchen/dining area

One of the first things I did when I made the decision to turn my living room into a gallery, was to move my large bookshelves into the kitchen/dining area.  I moved the kitchen table into the living room... non-traditional, I know, but I'm not all that traditional myself.  I purchased some hip, inexpensive, white chairs at Target.  Also, a couple black box ottomans that can be used as a foot rest, or with a tray on top  to set drinks.  They open, and I have blankets stored in them.  This is Michigan, and I'm cold if it's under 70!  JD & Emily came over to hang blinds.  We ate pizza and lost motivation that night.  They each got one up, and I finished the other three on another day.  The copper hood looks like it's going to suck JD up into its vortex!  I kind of want to get rid of it as Anita suggested, so that this small space appears more open.  I looked online today at prices for copper hoods--they sell for $1,700 - $3,000+ new.  I'm not sure where or how I'd go about selling it.  I know copper can be sold as scrap too to a recycling facility.  Otherwise, I need to paint the top edge, and get a grid for the bottom opening (to prevent friends from getting sucked up into its vortex!). Oh, and those ugly countertops need help!

I wanted to take JDs pic while he was sitting in one of the white chairs, cuz the lighting looked so cool, but he got shy.  pooey.  Tonight, Lil P posed.  :)

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