Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colette's Boudoir

I'm so exhausted right now I can't think straight.  I'm doing most of this renovating myself, and I just need someone to lay my head on!  whaa!

1777, "room where a lady may retire to be alone," from Fr. boudoir (18c.), lit. "pouting room," from bouder "to pout, sulk," 

Okay, with that out of the way....

For my bedroom...I  was content with how open and non-cluttered it was.  I didn't want to add any elements that would take away my feng shui.  However, I did want to bring my computer into my bedroom.  I gave away the big, heavy TV that was on my dresser (I don't have cable anyway). I gave away the huge desk and big chair that was in my studio room.  I moved my bed.  I picked up a small desk and how-cute-it-coordinates-hot-pink-chair from Staples.  I brought my iMac into my boudoir, where I can get online before I cozy up with my kitties and go to bed, or watch something on my Netflix instant queue!  Luvs it!  Even when I'm working on my photography on my Mac I can gaze out the window periodically...I love this tree house room with a bird's eye view!  It's my fav spot in my crib!

Oh, and the black out blinds I bought at IKEA...they do keep that morning sun from piercing in too early, but darn it...Mickey Lou STILL wakes me up before the sun even comes up!  These blinds will make a nice backdrop for portraits too.  :)

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