Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White, Black and Red HOT!

I've decided that my 1st soiree at The Avant-Garde will have a black and white and red color theme.  I will display art that contains those colors--paintings, drawings, printmaking, and black and white photography.  I have some older works in styles that I no longer work in that will be a bit nostalgic to bring out.  I will offer these works for reduced rates to jump start sales.  The color theme throughout my crib is black and white with silver/brushed nickel/chrome hardware.  With pops of red in the living room/gallery area and 1/2 bathroom.  My bedroom has snaps of hot pink.  The upstairs bathroom has green apple green.  My studio...dunno  yet, it's still in progress.  I'm hoping to get my countertops done in black.  I'm contemplating painting them due to the expense of replacement.  I saw a product called Giani for giving countertops a look of granite.  I really want solid black.  They also have a cool product called liquid stainless steel (follow link then scroll down to look at stove).  I would love to use that on my refrigerator and dishwasher!  It looks cool on the countertops too!

Other items I need to complete this hot spot are rugs and blinds.  I'm hoping to make a trip to IKEA asap!  My in-the-know gorgeous friend and neighbor Anita who is a fabulous Interior Designer recommended some sweeeet roll up natural blinds for me.  I love her taste and agree with her advice!  However, to have them lined adds to the already upscale price.  whaa!  IKEA has some black cotton blinds that aren't nearly as classy I know, but if they look decent in person I might go with them.  Anita's choice $2,000+, IKEA $200 for all windows and slider.  What's a girl to do?  I currently have more expenses than income.  whaaa whaaaa!

For the party...I will ask that guests wear their fashion-conscious choices in Black and White and Red.  I will try to have coordinating munchables too!

White, Black and Red HOT!  This is no April fool over here! 

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