Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's to come?

I'm starting this blog because I'm undertaking an exciting project...I'm revamping my condo and turning it into my Gallery/studio/living space/hangout spot reminiscent of artists and writers from the 30s-60s in Paris and NYC...only waaaaay fresher! I can't help but yearn for my own "Playboy mansion" since Hef is my hero! haha But this will be waaaaaaay smaller! Think I might have some parties with girls in kitten costumes though! ;) I'm not talking drugged out/drunk parties, but know the type? Parties with a theme. Parties with a purpose. I intend to donate half of the proceeds from any art sales to charities. I will fill you in more on the details by the day! So Follow Me! Well...not literally, I've had one stalker too many already! But keep reading and watching...I'll tell you more and post some pix of the progress. Then when the parties commence, those left out can lament!

The Avant-Garde @ 2434 is going to be the place to be for Artists, Photographers, Filmmakers, Poets, Writers, Interior Designers, Musicians, & other cool peeps! It will be diverse. It will be friendly. It will make a difference....finally....I hope.

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