Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canary Song

Recently my sweet little female canary Frida passed away.  I've had canaries for the past 12 years, and used to breed them.  I also have a little parrotlet named Zoabi.  I didn't want Zoabi to be lonely after the loss of his tweet friend, so I considered another canary.  Then I saw Lemon Chiffon at Petsmart and new she was the one!  Only she's not a canary, she's a parakeet!  I've never seen a yellow parakeet before!  And she may not be a she, and Zoabi maybe not be a he, but we don't discriminate around here!

Then, I got in the mood to paint my bedroom, and I wanted one of the walls a sunny, cheerful yellow in honor of Frida.  The first color swatch that drew my eyes closer was called Canary Song, and voila!  this is it folks!  I've always had a blue bedroom since I was a little girl.  I wanted change, and I love it!  I spend a lot of time in my bedroom--especially in the winter.  The white walls with the yellow accent wall makes it feel very happy in here.  In fact, it could also be called Happy Face Yellow!  :)

I bought a duvet cover for my imitation down comforter for the winter, and new sheets & toss pillow.  I will hang a painting tomorrow and get another shot for you to see.

This is my Happy Place!

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