Monday, October 18, 2010

If Only!

I have a quote of my own that fits my day:  "If only the moments were my lifetime, and my lifetime the moments."  By this I mean that I have had a difficult life, but I have had moments of incredible joy and peace that keep making this often wreched life even more magnificent!  Today, I spent a few moments with a Vietnam vet, a ducked taped pipe, a canary yellow wall, and black cat and it felt surreal.  Surreal, because it felt like a dream.  Because I have had some strange dreams lately.  But no...this was real, and I just wish those good moments in our lives lasted longer.  I wish the suffering could be minimal.  Somehow, all that suffering can get covered up by laughter...and how sweet that is!  How grand life can be! 

Bless the vets! & Bless me!  We lived to laugh again!

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